Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo Film Opens Soon

Posted on February 17th, 2010 in From Page to Screen by Gerry

The film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo, which has been successful in its release abroad, will open on American soil March 19th (in New York, at least).

The website for the film currently has lots of release information for when the film played in the UK and Australia late last year, but zip on American release dates. It will open in Portland, Oregon on April 16th at the awesome indie theater Cinema 21, but who knows where and when the film will play in other cities.

If I were the releasing company, I would work with the book’s US publisher and with booksellers to drum up some ticket sales. Sure, it’s a subtitled film, but I can bet that a lot of the book’s readers, many of whom probably wouldn’t otherwise see a subtitled movie, would be interested in checking it out. If the releasing company only targets the art house theater crowd, it’ll sink without a trace…at least until the American remake premieres.

I’ve already seen the movie (I won’t say how), and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate that the film didn’t attempt to glam out any of the roles, and didn’t attempt to dilute some of the more disturbing aspects of the book.

I’ve embedded the trailer below. I hope they do a better job of subtitling the film then they did of this (She’s definately our best researcher!?!).

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