Sometimes A Spellchecker Just Isn’t Enough

Posted on April 21st, 2010 in Book News by Gerry

Penguin Books in Australian was caught in a bit of an awkward situation when a printing error was discovered in a book called The Pasta Bible, which called for the use of freshly ground black people.

The head of Penguin Group Australia, Bob Sessions, called this “a silly mistake”.

Try telling that to your country’s sizable Aborigine population, who, granted aren’t likely to ever come across this mistake in person, could be in the understandable position of taking offense.

Perhaps a better choice of words would have helped. Maybe Sessions could have called it an innocent mistake, an error of due diligence, sloppy workmanship etc..

Guess the corporate damage control could use a bit of proofreading themselves.

Bonus media: I can’t resist the urge to embed this video. Enjoy its New Wave/Post-Punk goodness.

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