Go The F*ck To Sleep Gains Traction

Posted on June 13th, 2011 in Book News, New Releases, Uncategorized & Demented by Gerry


It’s always nice to see the little guy win.

Independent publisher Akashic Books has scored a hit with Go the F*ck To Sleep (9781617750250 $14.95), which is topping both Amazon’s and the New York Times best sellers lists.

But, they nearly passed on it.

According New York Times, Akashic publisher Johnny Temple was ready to pass the book by when it was submitted, saying “At first I didn’t really take it seriously”.

Thankfully, he got a second opinion. They now have a book that was wildly successful before it even hit the shelves, and this was after the PDF of the book made the rounds on the Internet.

What I find interesting about this book are the various ways that people are searching for the book on Amazon, but not using the full expletive. So far, I’ve seen the following:

Go the F@ck to Sleep

Go the F to Sleep

Go the F k to Sleep

Go the BLEEP to Sleep

Go the to Sleep

Go the Fok to Sleep

and my favorite Go the F to Bed

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