Neil Gaiman Turns Yellow…Appears On The Simpsons

Posted on November 17th, 2011 in Uncategorized & Demented by Gerry


I do enjoy it when The Simpsons go literary.

Mostly, their literary references were limited to the episode where the family visits the Springfield Festival of Books, where they meet Stephen King, John Updike and Amy Tan.

Heck, they even managed to get Thomas Pynchon on not one but two episodes (he is depicted with a bag over his head with eye-holes cut out, Unknown Comic style).

This Sunday, they’ll be trotting out Neil Gaiman, who apparently is helping Homer and his cohorts write the next big tween book sensation.

There’s a clip of it here, but I couldn’t embed it here without blowing out the margins of the blog. It’s not terribly funny, but it’s hard to gauge an episode from a mere 23 seconds.

(via Robot 6)

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